7 Steps to Partner Marketing Success


Download the 7 Steps to Partner Marketing Success to supercharge your partner marketing plan today

B2B Marketing has evolved over the last 15 years, now with a clear focus on digital innovation aligned to the changing buyer journey. Advanced technologies have emerged such as marketing automation, account-based marketing (ABM) tools, content management systems (CMS) systems, email marketing, mobile, artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics and reporting tools.  

Partner marketing on the other hand has changed very little and the approach and tactics leveraged 15 years ago, such as an over reliance on events and emails, are still deployed today.  

The following e-book outlines seven key steps that partner marketing teams and wider corporate vendor marketing teams can follow to create an even more bespoke and collaborative approach to external messaging, and fully future-proof their marketing strategies for success.  

Marketing teams have to be smarter, and their campaigns more targeted than ever before. Winning customer spend and mindset is no longer a simple process, it is often complex with many different touch points, and each customer needs treating as an individual with their own needs and challenges.  

A new mindset is needed to really start thinking laterally, creating imaginative and effective end user campaigns and partner marketing strategies.  

We draw on decades of partner marketing experience, gained from working on and with the biggest IT global vendors to put together this eBook which in simple and concise chapters details the how, why and what you need to do to take your partner marketing to the next level. 


  • Create an ‘ideal’ customer profile
  • Take steps to select the right partners
  • Develop a compelling customer value proposition with your partner
  • Support your partner with the right marketing for them
  • Develop plans jointly with your partner
  • Develop effective campaigns and content
  • Monitor, measure and analyse partner marketing

Download the 7 Steps to Partner Marketing Success to supercharge your partner marketing plan today

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